Toward Greater Commitment
21 Oct 2016

Toward Greater Commitment

21 Oct 2016

For the upcoming National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) program here at the Frankfort Writers Center, one participant sent in her registration with admitted hesitation about setting such a large writing goal. “Good thing I put my money where my mouth is,” she said, hoping the small investment in her writing would compel her to stick with it.

I felt the same way when I told the group of participants that I also was planning to tackle the enormous goal of 50,000 words in one month. Researchers have confirmed that just naming goals isn’t always the best way to ensure we will carry them out, but telling other people who can hold us accountable does make for some success. By telling the group what I hoped to accomplish, I was putting my money where my mouth is.

Money, accountability: these are just two ways we can put more skin in the game. But there are others. Clearing an hour each day on our calendars, setting up a designated writing spot, hiring a babysitter so we can write, joining a writing group, planning a personal writing retreat, setting a daily writing goal: these are all ways that we affirm our commitment to our writing and to our writing lives.

With November and NaNoWriMo staring me down from just eleven days away, I’m feeling the weight of committing to something big. But you don’t have to be crazy enough to write a novel in 30 days to take make a step toward greater commitment to your writing.

What step will you take today?

It’s not too late to join us for the November NaNoWriMo program at the Frankfort Writers Center. Click on the image below for more details.


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