Applying for Writing Grants
14 Oct 2016

Applying for Writing Grants

14 Oct 2016

Among the many ways writers can support themselves and their work, applying for grants is one I hear little about. Part of the reason may be the limited number of grants out there for writers. Another reason may be that you have to catch the application cycle just right. But the main reason most writers don’t hear about writing grants is that enough people aren’t talking about them.

I’m going to change that today.

Back in September, I applied for a grant offered jointly through the Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources for a writing program at a state park in Indiana. I won’t go into the details now … mostly because I don’t know if my proposal has been accepted. But the reason I was able to apply for the grant is that I heard about it at the right time.

So today, I’d like to tell you about a few grants, especially for writers living in Indiana, at just the right time so you can apply, too.


First, check out the Write Life’s list of 16 grants from around the country. Many of these are for residents of specific geographical regions or with specific interests, but a couple are general enough that they would apply to most writers.

Then, visit Hope Clark’s FundsforWriters for a whole list of additional grants that you may qualify for. (I mean who wouldn’t want to be a writer-in-residence at Chulitna Lodge in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska?)

Finally, if you live in Indiana, check out the IAC’s Individual Artist Program. This grant actually is available to all kinds of artists, divided up by medium/genre across a two-year rotation. As it happens, the 2018 Fiscal Year grant, for which applications will be due in February 2017, includes the “literary arts” for writers like us.

Applying for a grant isn’t simple. It requires not only a lot of writing (that’s the easy part) but also  lots of planning and budgeting (yes, there’s math involved). Hoosier applicants whose projects are chosen, however, can receive up to $2,000 for things like supplies, rental/purchase of equipment, facility rental, marketing/publicity/promotion, travel/transport within the United States, personnel, and workshops/training that further career development.

The IAC website hasn’t yet been updated with the FY2018 grant information, but the application period usually opens in November, so look for the updated information to be provided shortly.

Grants won’t necessarily pay you a full-time salary (though a few might), but this small financial boost might be just the encouragement you need for your writing life.

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